Bunny suicide and hand spun silk

sad bunny ends it all

sad bunny ends it all

We arrived at the market stall today to find that Bunny had decided that life was just not the same without his dearly departed (recently sold) friend. He Jumped!

Investigators into the incident found a note describing his sadness and loneliness after his good friend departed. The note claims that Bunny’s only hope of an afterlife is to find a kind and loving home…. Bunny, our prayers are with you.


I thought I’d post a few pics of some new variations and close up details of some

of our goodies:

merino/silk scarf

hand spun merino/silk scarf , mohair silk edging

Hand spun Silk/merino scarf

Hand spun Silk/merino scarf

And here is a close up of the detail on the hoodie shawl, with a crochet rose brooch:

kid mohair shawl and crochet rose

kid mohair shawl and crochet rose

This work in progress is going to be a very colorful, large stitch shawl.

I’m using Ines’ latest colorway with size 20 needles, nice and simple and fun.

kid mohair bobble yarn shawl

Ines' kid mohair bobble yarn shawl

The market has been a lot of work and long hours so we’re really going to enjoy this sunny afternoon off.

Happy knitting ,friends.

See you soon

About lancek1

Hi, my name is Lance. I love meeting new people and learning new things. Some of the things I love are paint effects, dyeing, felting, knitting, in fact, anything to do with fibre, color and creativity. Browse around and feel free to comment

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  1. Poor bunny. ;-p

    I’m loving all that texture in the yarn. It’s so inspirational!

  2. Poor thing… His body was gone when we went to work yesterday, very intriguing. We’re wondering what’s up with the little critter :-) Glad you like the yarn, we are having so much fun with it at the moment.

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